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Posted in Relationships, Romance on September 8, 2009 by taralceleste

I feel I have searched long and strenuously to find the mr. right for me. The one who I will love my whole life through. I will have that beautiful house on the hill overlooking the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. The land will be my supplier of food, as I grow a field of vegetables and fruits. Next to my house will be the barn, painted bright red with many animals to supply us with food and drink. My Mr. right will be the sort of man who will welcome this lifestyle and understand it.
You see… If we all lived off the land as people did many times ago and survived, it would be a much simpler and easier life for us. They of course had their troubles, but the land provided what they needed, they didn’t have to worry about money as often as our time does, or if their family was fed and clothed as we do. I believe if everyone participated in this sort of life, they would find much happiness. But our generations are too accustomed to the finer things in life and I am not sure they know how to appreciate a life such as this. But I am willing to sacrifice a lot to test out this sort of life and give it a go ahead.

I believe I have finally found my Mr. right that could appreciate these beliefs and this lifestyle. He is very unique and has refreshing beliefs of the world around us and life in itself. He is well educated in many studies and is willing to teach me these ways, as I am anything but ignorant to new ideas, ways of life and beliefs. Many of which intrigue me so much, that I will be blogging about them in the next few weeks and hope to hear many opinions on what other people view in such subjects. It is interesting to know what the rest of the world believes.

He is perfect for ME in every way. He is very chivalrous and opens doors for me, He appreciates my appearance and does not expect me to look like a page 5 supermodel, or live up to the expectations consumers push upon us. That in itself is refreshing for me. He takes well to my son which is a plus. He is attentive to him and talks to him and enjoys his company. We went to his home yesterday and he offered to make lunch for my son, as we had been out viewing our new home as roomates. Last night after we had gone out and had dinner and returned back to my home, my son was having a tough time getting to sleep as he is teething and Mick (the Mr. Right) decided to take it upon himself to help me ease is pain. He took a teething ring and placed it between his thumb and forefinger and it helped ease Liam’s fussiness and pain of course. He helped me get him to sleep and I was very appreciative for that. That is a plus in finding the right man as well. If he is that attentive and caring towards your child, he is a keeper. We watched a great movie and bid adieu to each other at the end of a wonderful night. He hugged me ever so caringly¬† for a long time and then he left. Later he sent me an email that said “I should have kissed you”! I wish he had as that could have made for a perfect ending to a perfect night, But it was already perfect even without such a kiss. Nothing could have made it more perfect.

We share some of the same views, many of the same hobbies. It’s all so perfect and I pray that it all works out and that I’ve finally found my lost match. The other part of me that I have been searching for, for so long now.