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Posted in Poetry on September 9, 2009 by taralceleste

I am not me on this dark day,
I am her the daughter.
I see through her eyes and feel her pain emanating from withing the very core of her soul.
I yearn to cry out and I do,
So loud so angrily as I scratch away at these layers of hate.
I feel the cool feel of floor upon my back,
I open my eyes and know now what I must do.
Just release is all I need,
just release.
Like a drug it seduces me into nothingness,
this life of blackness beyond the one we know now.
It loves me,
yearns for me;
It stalks me in the night.
I will succumb to you my love,
end my burning pain;
my misery and rage that envelopes my ever present being.
I am ready for my fate,
my soft,
small hand reaches for the abyss.
Hot red blood flows from these microscopic veins in need,
I welcome it with love and passion;
to be done with the pain they have caused me.
I am free now,
I am free from this sadness that I bare within my heart for those lost within the darkness,
and for those that pushed us over the cliff.
We have fallen with grace,
The wind seduces our bodies wrapping itself around as if it was but a mere blanket beneath us,
we whisper to the world above;
“Do not cry for I am free now, Dry your tears and forgive us and pray for us”.
Death caresses my lips with the breath of emptiness and ever longing darkness,
I am uncomfortably numb but free.