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Posted in FAMILY on September 12, 2009 by taralceleste

We went to take a look at our new home today to see what had been done by the landlord and what still needed to be done. The previous tenant had purposely destroyed the home and the grounds surrounding it, so it would not be livable for awhile. But our landlord has made it possible to be moved into by this up and coming weekend. We have agreed to clean it and fix up the things that are semi easy for us to ease the burden on him. It is absolutely beautiful, from the built in ceiling light fixtures, the double closets in every room, the two bathrooms we have at our disposal, the washer and dryer, the mud room with cathedral ceilings, the 4th floor loft, the extraordinarily large back and front yards, all the way to the oversized deck and built in pancake griddle and outside grill top attached to the stove in the kitchen. We have many amenities at our disposal and much more than we could have ever asked for. Our first house and it will soon be ours by deed once we pay off the rent to own amount. Something to pass down in the family for generations. We received our lease agreement and a copy of the lease today. We go back tomorrow to turn it in and prepare for a day of cleaning and what not. Our roommates, who are wonderful people, will be coming with us, so as to finish the house in a timely manner so all can move in as quickly as possible. I showed Liam his new room today and as if he understood the words “your new room and home”, his smile lit up across his face. I believe children his age can understand more than us adults could ever comprehend and I got that impression today. He has never had his own room and his grandmother and I vowed that we would find a better home for him and a better life. Well, we have finally found it and we are so happy to have a better piece of home for us all. We will be one close knit, happy family here I think.