I have seen our country go through many a thing and survive. But I can’t help but notice that this is our gravest time with the economy dwindling and people suffering from money problems. Houses are being foreclosed upon and good families are losing their homes, families are sleeping in tent communities by the lakes in certain states, they are suffering as they try to provide for their families trying to keep food on the table. Some families are being laid off and unable to find new jobs, having to go on unemployment, food stamps and receive cash benefits from their states. Obama is at the very heart of this. He promised us that he would fix the unemployment crisis and instead has focused more on health care and the war. A healthcare bill is being passed that does not very well help us citizens, but instead is only being passed so that the government can make money from it. It says that it will in fact help us, but we have had bills passed like this before that eventually help only the government make money. Every state and country is suffering the crisis, but Alaska stays strong and is the only country at the moment that has many jobs and is thriving. Maybe all americans should migrate to alaska for security in life?


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