Okay, so this new hair thing on my ex best friend Dallas looks absolutely ridiculous. Now you have to know why I say this to not think that I am just being vindictive, or harsh, or better yet bitchy! She constantly does these things to look hotter because she has this view in life that she is queen bee, top shit above any other woman on earth and is constantly starting trouble with other girls that she doesn’t like, even if she has just met them a few minutes prior. She picks on other women’s clothes, or hair or the way they look in general and is just a vile girl in general. Not the Dallas I used to know. But she has always been promiscuous and that adds to her whole being as far as the hair goes. But it just doesn’t look good on her and she of course, I’m sure thinks that she is just the hottest shit around. But I guess I am picking on her too for her hair, but that is only because she is sitting on her high thrown right now and acting like she looks the best with pink hair and won’t take no for an answer. I decided to get the public’s opinion and put her down off her high horse once and for all!


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