What the hell is with this Recession, or Depression? Whatever they’re calling it now. Everytime I drive through town to do errands in Derry NH, there’s always a foreclosure sign getting put up, or that’s been sitting there forever. I mean, I drove down the street last week by my house and I counted four in a row. Our town is going to be a frigging ghost town before we know it because of this Recession bullshit. I thought Obama was supposed to be making things better for us? It doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere.

I have been trying to apply to all section 8 housing programs available and almost every single one in every state is closed. Can you believe that? I was completely dumbfounded. So I’m stuck in a househould that is just pure, constant negativity, because I am a single mom trying to support my son on state assistance, since he is just so needy that he won’t stay with anyone else but me and my mother. Not to mention I can only get a job for minimum wage. That isn’t going to support us in our own apartment. So I have moved on to subsidized housing, but there isn’t much help for single moms who are struggling and trying to make a new start. That is something Obama should work on.


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