Introduction to Digital SLR Photography

The ideal starting point for new Digital SLR camera owners and anyone
considering Digital SLR photography. Intro to Digital SLR photography
will help you achieve a good understanding of the basics of photography
using creative techniques that help you get great shots. You’ll learn
important menu choices, what lenses to use, looking at light,
composition, framing, how to use a browser to download, edit, store and
backup all your great digital images… and more.

Who Should Attend?

Those new to digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) photography, or those coming back to photography after many years away.

Color, Light, Technology

For those ready for the next level, you will learn about current
industry trends and technology advances. Learn how to plan, prepare and
pack for a photo trip. In-depth explanation of color management, from
color spaces and calibration tools to conversion and soft proofing.
Creating and controlling light using multiple wireless flash units.
Using Nikon Capture NX 2
to get the most from your images and see how different software can
affect the look of RAW images. The seminar includes preparing photos
for output, from sizing and sharpening to soft proofing… and more.

Who Should Attend?
Experienced digital SLR photographers and those comfortable with the
basics of digital SLR photography and camera controls.



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  2. That Color, Light, Technology class sounds good.

    I get great pictures with my Nikon camera.

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