MUSINGS OF A VEGAN CRAFTER - musings of a vegan crafter

3 uses for coffee your skin will love

“Coffee appears to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s
disease, heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, cirrhosis of the
liver, and gout, but it increases the risk of acid reflux and
associated diseases. Some health effects of coffee are due to its
caffeine content, as the benefits are only observed in those who drink
caffeinated coffee, while others appear to be due to other components.
For example, the antioxidants in coffee prevent free radicals from
causing cell damage.” from wikipedia

1. Perk up the AM shower with coffee infused soap.

Coffee grounds are amazing at removing stubborn scents like garlic or
onion on your hands where nothing else will work. They are also an
amazing natural exfoliant making these bars super scrubby and leaving
your skin soft and rejuvenated. Plus the scents of vanilla, chocolate,
hazlenut, and coffee in the tan colored mochaccino will bring you comfort while the uplifting scents of citrus and mint along with coffee in the mintaccino will brighten your mood and boost your energy.
The set is on sale for $10.

2. Make your own coffee scrub to exfoliate, soften, and improve circulation.

homemade coffee scrub
1 part coffee grounds (freshly ground or immediately after brewing)
1 part raw sugar
1 part vegetable based oil
* optional essential oil or extract

the coffee grounds with the raw turbinado sugar to create the coarse
base for your scrub then add enough oil to saturate your mix. You can
use any type of vegetable based oil you have on hand. Once blended
together you can use this in the shower on damp skin by applying it in
circular motions toward the heart, focusing particularly on cellulite
or rough patches. This is ridiculously good fun but it makes quite a
mess so be prepared to do a serious rinse of your shower when you’re
done and laughing maniacally while you rub coffee all over your body is
good for the spirit. :c) Rinse completely and pat dry.

3. Make your own coffee-cocoa face mask.

coffee-cocoa face mask

1 part finely ground coffee
1 part cocoa powder
1 part ground oats
2 parts almond milk

pores, soften skin, and boost circulation with a simple coffee mask.
Put the cocoa, ground coffee, and oats in the coffee grinder until as
fine as possible. In a bowl mix the powders with the almond milk. Apply
it to clean skin on your face and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth. This will stain your
clothing and towels so be careful. :c)


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