Just another conspiracy theory?

Okay, so maybe I’m going bordeline schizophrenic or something, but then again, maybe I have a point to my madness. There are alot of things I do not agree with and alot of things I find most unacceptable in our new refined country. For one thing, our government has their heads so far up their asses, they can’t seem to make a sound decision anymore. I’m not even sure they’d be able to find that decision up there and get a hold on it! I know some people agree with President Bush on the subject of keeping our troops overseas to clean up the cities, or do whatever he has them doing this month, but there are some families that would like to see their children come home in one piece. Which hasn’t been happening all that often. In fact, it is almost certain these days that you will come home either with a serious injury, an amputated limb, or certain death. I’m all for helping other countries out of poverty, to better their government, or just to clean up a mess that someone else caused them, or even help them escape from the cruelties that their government and other parties pose upon them. But what about us?? What about our country now? The economy in most states is horrendous and alot of us are struggling and suffering. What about finding a solution to this problem and fixing it? I mean you are the president, isn’t there something that you can do? Especially us single parents, some of us are suffering so bad, we can’t even afford gas these days. And that’s another thing, I can’t believe there is no solution in sight for the gas dillemma we are having right now. I’m sure these people that are getting paid billions of dollars to fix these problems have a pretty good imagination and can come up with sound ideas. Well where are they?


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